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Master show
Gala Diner

First day of Conference will bring lots of emotions. On Friday, April 26th the PMU International Championship will take place. Participants will have opportunity to compete in 4 categories: Master Profi lips, Master Profi brows, Master Profi Magic Eyes (pigmentation on models) and Master Junior PMU (pigmentation on artificial skin). We will award the winners with titles: Master, 1 vice Master and 2 vice Master PMU GOLD CONFERENCE - Poland 2019.

Academy Master Show is a one-off opportunity to present ones technique and own brand. This special formula is dedicated to live demos conducted by selected group of Master Artists or trainers during which they will present their unique pigmentation technique.

On the April 27 and 28th participants will have opportunity to take part in substantive-practical packet Look & Learn. During series of lectures and shows, best european PMU Masters will share their knowledge with the audience.

On April 28th, Ceremonial Gala will be the culmination of 3-day Conference. It might be the beginning of developement in your career? We are sure that it will be a special capstone of second eddition of PMU GOLD CONFERENCE - Poland 2019.

Patron Medialny